Welcome to TRAXX Sheffield

All you need from your local market…


Welcome to TRAXX, the brand new name for Chapeltown Market, Sheffield. Part of Chapelgreen Community Enterprise, a social enterprise set up by local residents to run and develop the Market.

Feel free to browse of our website and get in-touch if you have any questions. We have lots going on at present with the relaunch of the Market in July and are looking forward to seeing the Market come back to life.

More than just a Market

Taking over the old Chapeltown Market which hogs the corner of Market Street between the WMC and the railway line, the new development – featuring a large number of recycled shipping containers which will be spread over two levels in places – is planned to open for business in January 2021. Its vibe will be a little different from the rest of Chapeltown, and really is more that just a market…

Championing a sense of community, TRAXX is looking to bring together responsible retailers and flagship dining concepts in a recycled space. The street market’s shipping containers will be filled to the brim with artists, designers and retailers. Each container space will eventually be allocated to a business and there will also be opportunities to launch pop-up shops and new business ventures.

Alongside all of this, the new market will also feature a plethora of street food traders and we hope to explore other ideas such as community-led rooftop garden for people to enjoy.

The TRAXX Project

What if…?

What if our community could create a “space”? Not just any space. A space for the whole community. A space to meet and socialise with friends and get together for large community events to celebrate and come together. A space that welcomes the whole community and that provides the residents of Chapeltown (and beyond) with a hub – whether that be to relax, work or shop. A space that the whole community will look after, cherish, support, respect and value.

Chapelgreen Community Enterprise is the driving force that plans to create and bring forth these ideas and create that space…

That “Space” is TRAXX…!


Say Hi. Get in touch

We love to hear from people. If you have any questions about TRAXX drop us an email:

hello@traxxsheffield.co.uk or give us a call on 0114 470 7273, Speak soon.